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The BCAT Project: Transforming the Position Classification Structure of the University System of Georgia

In August 2003, the University System of Georgia “retired” its 33-year-old centralized job classification system. The new model that replaced it was the result of a two-year, cross-functional and cross-institutional initiative that reduced the job classification structure from almost 1,700 titles to about 200 job categories. The changes positively impacted a broad range of organizational activities, including strategic planning, human resources, budget management, institutional research, information systems, and EEO/Affirmative Action activities.

Built upon IPEDS federal reporting requirements, the new system:

  • Eliminated obsolete, mandatory job titles
  • Supported consistent legal compliance and reporting across 34 institutions, and
  • Created flexibility & reduces shadow systems at the campus level

The new model “went live” on August 27, 2003.

USG BCAT Crosswalk to New SOC and IPEDS Categories

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