USG Staff Council

Serving as a voice and advocate for all USG staff since 1994

Welcome to the University System of Georgia Staff Council (USGSC)

Since our establishment in 1994, the USGSC has played an important role in promoting the overarching mission of the University System of Georgia. We are committed to enhancing the well-being of staff members across the system by leveraging the collective ingenuity of staff representatives from each institution. Our council serves as a unified voice for staff across all University System of Georgia institutions, advocating for their interests and fostering a positive work environment.

Our Mission

As an advisory organization within the University System of Georgia, we engage in a consultative process - offering advice, recommendations, and insights on policy and procedural matters directly to leaders and representatives of the university system. Our efforts are aimed at supporting policies and procedures that reflect the needs and aspirations of the system's staff.

In our mission to empower staff at every level, the USGSC facilitates the creation of staff representative bodies within individual institutions. These bodies are instrumental in highlighting local concerns and elevating systemwide issues to the council, ensuring a holistic approach to problem-solving and policy development. Additionally, we maintain systemwide communication between our member institutions to help facilitate information-sharing and collaboration.