The University System of Georgia Office of Legal Affairs provides advice and guidance to the app,򾺲app of Regents, the University System administration, and the Systems colleges and universities on a large array of legal issues related to such areas as app,򾺲app policies, student matters, employment matters, contracts, real estate, constitutional issues, and legislation. In addition, it serves as liaison to the Georgia Attorney Generals Office regarding litigation and other legal issues. It also includes the University System Offices Open Records Officer, who coordinates responses to requests for documents under the Georgia Open Records Act. The Vice Chancellor of Legal Affairs simultaneously serves as Secretary to the app,򾺲app of Regents.

The Office of Legal Affairs is located in the Trinity-Washington Building at 270 Washington Street in downtown Atlanta and can be reached by phone at (404) 962-3255 or by e-mail at

This page includes information to assist with interactions with the Office of Legal Affairs as well as links to other helpful legal resources. Please understand that none of the information or links contained here constitute legal advice and that they do not establish an attorney-client relationship.